Cabinet (Tue, 17th Sep 2019 - 11:30 am) 

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  1. 1 Apologies

  2. 2 Minutes

  3. 3 Declarations of Interest

  4. 4 Review of Sixth Form Provision 2019

  5. 5 Ladywell Green Infants School and Hafren C.P. Junior School

  6. 6 Medium Term Financial Strategy

  7. 7 Financial Overview and Forecast as at 31st July 2019

  8. 8 Capital Programme Update for the period to 31st July 2019

  9. 9 Primary Authority Partnership Scheme Policy

  10. 10 Corporate Safeguarding 6 Monthly Update as at 30 June 2019

  11. 11 Correspondence

  12. 12 Delegated Decisions Taken Since the Last Meeting

  13. 13 Forward Work Programme