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The Default Media Player Timeline:

For Live Webcasts the default Player Timeline displays listed Agenda items.

For on-demand playback of archived webcasts the default Player Timeline displays Agenda time-stamped Index Points.

To select playback from a specific Agenda Index Point click on a Watch button.

The Default Media Player Webcast, Resources and Feedback Tabs:

For webcast-related information click on the above Webcast, Resources and Feedback tabs.

Click on the Webcast tab to view the default Player and Agenda items/Index Points.

Click on the Resources tab to follow links to associated files, reports and presentation slides.

Click on the Feedback tab to send a message specific to viewing problems or technical issues.

Sharing and embedding:

Click on the Share button to generate an Embed code snippet or create a webcast link for sharing via social media and email. Copy the Embed code and paste it into a web page/application.

For archived webcasts, click on the Share button to create a link or generate an Embed code snippet that selects playback from a specific Agenda Index Point or point on the default Player timeline.

Problems viewing?

Click on Help for support regarding the default media Player Overview, technical Specifications/Requirements and Troubleshooting FAQ.

For further technical support fill in the on-line Feedback form and add comments. To submit click on the Send feedback button.



Powys County Council is dedicated to staying transparent and accountable by using these webcasting services. If you're looking to reach more people online and want to trial live streaming services, we offer event webcasting.

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